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About PR Books wiki


PR Books contains recommended sources for students of public relations. It may be of use to practitioners and academics too. (For students and practitioners, I suggest that a few choice recommendations are more likely to encourage further exploration than a dauntingly comprehensive academic bibliography.) Anyone can browse; anyone can amend and add to the recommendations, but you first need a password to do this.


There is a bias in favour of UK texts as the site's originator teaches public relations at university and professional level. There is also a preference for recent texts. This can be explained by an analogy with history. While Herodotus and Gibbon are still read today, later scholars of Greek and Roman history have the advantage of having read the earlier writers and also gaining insights from subsequent research and debates. The most recent texts should also contain the most up-to-date bibliographies.


This wiki does not replace printed bibliographies, but it benefits from being readily updateable and from containing links to other sources (newspaper articles, weblogs etc.).


If you create a new page, please remember to add it to the index.


Email me for the password if you'd like to add to or edit the lists; or email me with suggestions: prstudies@googlemail.com

Publishers' catalogues and inspection copies of books are welcome: please contact me by email for the best postal address.


August 2009





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