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This page is an index sorted by author to articles published in Behind the Spin magazine.




Adlam, Jack (Leeds Metropolitan University): Lobbying sting leads to new calls for change March 2010

Alcobia, Ines (Southampton Solent University): Twitter virgin mounts Facebook fightback, October 2010

Aleksandrova, Ekaterina (London Metropolitan University): Life changing event June 2010

Ansell, Bethany (Southampton Solent University): How to get a First in PR, August 2010
Ansell, Bethany (Southampton Solent University): Political blogging: can it reach young people? July 2010

Ayre, Stephanie (Leeds Metropolitan University): Blogging is the new black January 2011






Bailey, Richard: Starting a degree in PR? Read this first August 2010

Bailey, Richard: So you wannabe a PR star? June 2009 

Benvie, Drew: Social media, PR and the next big thing October 2010

Bartsch, Ulla (Leeds Metropolitan University): You say PR, and I say PA March 2008
Booton, Karl (University of Kent): The CIPR Foundation Award: money well spent? January 2011 

Bottomley, Nichola (Bournemouth University): Gordon Brown: moody monster or man for the moment? March 2010

Bridgen, Liz (De Montfort University): PR teaching profile March 2008

Brown, Katie (Leeds Metropolitan University): How Oxfam uses social media for social good, December 2009






Callender, Sarah: ABC of B2B, October 2009

Callery, Clare Siobhan (Leeds Metropolitan University): Develop Your PR Skills, September 2010

Callery, Clare Siobhan (Leeds Metropolitan University): Single white female on diversity in PR November 2009

Christophers, Ollie (Cardiff University): Smear 2.0 March 2008

Clare, David: Pepsi refreshes its approach to marketing, December 2010

Clare, David: A new location network just checked into town... places October 2010

Clare, David (Lincoln University): It's written on the tablets March 2010

Clare, David (Lincoln University): People power or PR power? February 2010

Closs, Lyle: So you want to work in international PR? December 2008

Cotton, Ben (Edelman): Bridging the digital skills gap, February 2010

Cotton, Ben (Leeds Metropolitan University): Get ahead, go digital, June 2009

Cotton,  Ben: Public Relations graduate schemes, November 2009

Crim, Abigail (Johns Hopkins University): Sibling rivalry theory of international PR, August 2010

Crimmons, Laura (Leeds Metropolitan University): So you want to work in entertainment PR? February 2011

Crimmons, Laura (Leeds Metropolitan University): How to win from the start September 2010

Crimmons, Laura (Leeds Metropolitan University): PR and social media - the good, the bad and the ugly February 2010

Crimmons, Laura (Leeds Metropolitan University): Agency or charity: which is best for me? June 2009






Daly, Laura (Leeds Metropolitan University): Chirpy celebrities, October 2009 

Davies, Andrew (Leeds Metropolitan University): Last man standing February 2011

de Liso, Nicola (London Metropolitan University): Brands on the run March 2008

Dickinson, Emma: Rescue me, October 2009

Dobocan, Alex (University of Bedfordshire): The role of the student reps December 2010






Edwards, Sadie (Leeds Metropolitan University): Junk the ads? March 2008






Fawcett, Emma (Leeds Metropolitan University): Male models, blindfolds, and a gorgeous rugby player December 2010

Finnegan, Peter (Leeds Metropolitan University: A spoonful of sugar: health service communications March 2010

Fox, Amanda (Leeds Metropolitan University): Student from Leeds 'lives it and loves it' in Manchester October 2009 






Gale, Jason: Blinded by the paps, June 2010
Gelpcke, Jeannyfar (Birmingham City University): What to wear: diary of an intern February 2011 

George, Shelley: From Joe Bloggs to Uber Blogger: The Blogger Evolution, October 2010

Gibson, Caroline (Leeds Metropolitan University): Fast food nationals, February 2009

Gibson, Caroline: How Glasto got its mojo back, July 2009

Grimshaw, Amy (Leeds Metropolitan University): Don't OD on your FB, December 2008 






Hall, Jess (University of Lincoln): Twelve months on May 2010

Hardacre, Janelle (Newcastle University): Brands on the run from social media storm February 2010

Harper, Alice (Leeds Metropolitan University): Does learning really lead to earning? March 2008

Harper, Alice (Leeds Metropolitan University):  The glamour game October 2009

Harrison, Claire (Leeds Metropolitan University): Matchday in the life of a press officer, October 2008

Harrison, Rachel (Leeds Metropolitan University): Podcasting primer for PR March 2008

Harrison-Lord, Thomas: A brief history of diffusion of innovation in social media October 2010

Hejralova, Katerina (London Metropolitan University): PR is reputation management, not events management September 2010

Higham, Michael (Manchester Metropolitan University): Trick interview question: what is PR? May 2010

Hird, Lucy (Birmingham City University): Elections need X Factor (and text factor) March 2010











Jameson, Katy: Lessons learned since uni, December 2010

Jameson, Katy (Leeds Metropolitan University): A planner's guide to starting a PR career, April 2010

Jinga, Oana (Birmingham City University): A student at #smcc10 October 2010

Jinga, Oana (Birmingham City University): The development of public relations in Romania March 2010

Johnson, Stephen (Sunderland University: Taking a look at Ping by Apple December 2010

Johnson, Stephen (Sunderland University): Why learn social media at university July 2010

Jones, Eileen: Save Our Stories  March 2009







Kearney, Drew (University College Marjon): Are our cities safe for cycling? March 2008

King, Katie (Leeds Metropolitan University): The world is not enough March 2008
Kirkbride, Micha (Leeds Metropolitan University): Social media: work hard and play hard February 2011 

Knight, James: Time for election 2.0? March 2010






Larkin, Francesca (Bournemouth University): The power of product placement in music videos February 2011

Lavender, Zoe (University of Central Lancashire): Heard it on the grapevine March 2008

Lay, Tom (University of Huddersfield): How to be a student professional, July 2009

Lewis, Tessa (De Montfort University): Public relations or public enemy? November 2008

Lister, Emma (Leeds Metropolitan University): None of the above March 2010

Long, Emma (Leeds Metropolitan University): Face to face or Facebook? June 2009






Margetts, Toby (University of Gloucestershire): Review: The Net Delusion February 2011

McComish, Steve: Golden rules for getting work experience in a PR agency, January 2010
McGovern, Tom (University of Gloucestershire): Does sporting celebrity still sell, January 2011 

Makhotlova, Helena (Leeds Metropolitan University): Out with the old, in with the new March 2008

Malone, Niall (Bournemouth University): Why PR matters in sport June 2010

Marshall, Katy (Leeds Metropolitan University): PR student's guide to work experience March 2008

Matthews, Ben: All in a Day's Work, July 2009

Matthews, Katie (Leeds Metropolitan University): You don't vote? Get the whips out March 2008

Meza Lopez, Yazmin: Me and my web shadow, September 2010

Millington, Richard: My career: from uni to UN, November 2009

Moore, Beth (Cardiff University): Why is this lying bastard lying to me? March 2008






Nicholls, Dan: Hiring locally to act globally, November 2008

Nickerson, Sam (Bournemouth University): Can Labour win? March 2010

Nobili, Valentina: Spaghetti complexity theory of international PR, November 2008

Noble, Ellis (Leeds Metropolitan University): Here come the PR girls, June 2009

North, Jessica (Bournemouth University): Getting what you really want February 2011

North, Jessica (Bournemouth University): Fashion: the business of image February 2011











Pace, Claire (Leeds Metropolitan University): Bike to the future March 2008

Pace, Claire (Leeds Metropolitan University): The real work starts here October 2009

Pack, Mark: Election 2010: A tale of three halves March 2010

Palit, Priyanka: PR Pros Proffer Brand-aid to Troubled Tiger, December 2009

Palit, Priyanka (University of Central Lancashire): Astroturing: the unacceptable face of public relations November 2009

Penny, Emma (Leeds Metropolitan University): The PR beauty myth January 2011

Pickering, Lucille (Leeds Metropolitan University): Beware of gifted geeks December 2010






Quigley, Christine (Leeds Metropolitan University): Ethical global PR: a case study, December 2010






Reach, Nick: Public affairs industry's Clause 4 moment March 2008

Rennie, Nick (De Montfort University): Learning the rules of PR writing, January 2010






Samuel, Carys (Leeds Metropolitan University): PR rides to the rescue March 2008

Seymour, Ellee: Log on for the great debate March 2008

Sievert, Holger: Lost in translation, December 2008

Singh, Jag: Online campaigning lessons from the US March 2010

Smith, Carli (University of Lincoln): Bright ones seek to impress November 2010

Smith, Carli (University of Lincoln): Getting your name out there and why it's important October 2010

Smith, Carli (University of Lincoln): Not just PRty girls May 2010

Smith, Carli (University of Lincoln): Media relations: it's about relationships, not spam February 2010

Smith, Douglas: Confessions of a good PR consultant March 2008

Smith, Laura (Hull University): Nowhere web March 2010

Smith, Laura (Hull University): You say celebrity, I say culture, October 2009

Smith, Laura (Leeds Metropolitan University): Why I'm leaving PR, June 2009

Smith, Laura (Leeds Metropolitan University): Hard Times or Great Expectations? March 2009

Smith, Laura (Leeds Metropolitan University): Paid to party? March 2008

Smith, Natalie (Leeds Metropolitan University): Final year: a time to fear or a time to shine November 2010

Smith, Natalie (Leeds Metropolitan University): Social media - and me, November 2008

Southworth-Barlow, Nathaniel (University of Central Lancashire): PR and marketing: two sides of a coin June 2010

Southworth-Barlow, Nathaniel (University of Central Lancashire): How to secure your placement, October 2009

Southworth-Barlow, Nathaniel (University of Central Lancashire): Letter from Transylvania, November 2008

Spratt, Janey (University of Sunderland): The importance of measurability in social media for PR October 2010

Stephenson, Hannah (Bournemouth University): How to get started in PR, May 2010

Stevenson, Sarah (Birmingham City University): Bright Ideas, Big City, April 2010

Stones, Rosey (Leeds Metropolitan University): Blogger or WordPress: which is best for student blogs? November 2010

Sweet, Catherine (Southampton Solent University): PR teaching profile, November 2008






Thompson, Gareth: Music on the internet? It'll never catch on, July 2009 

Todd, Rachel (Leeds Metropolitan University): Spam or relationships: you decide November 2008












Valentini, Chiara: Going glocal, December 2008 

Vinten, Amanda (University of Gloucestershire): After Cluetrain, December 2009







Waddington, Stephen (Speed Communications): How to start a PR consultancy business, June 2009 

Wadlow, Amanda (Lincoln University): PR bunnies or natural-born communicators? November 2008

Warlow, Matt (Cardiff University): Welsh Assembly yet to find its voice March 2008

Watts, Suzie (Leeds Metropolitan University): Anti-social networking January 2010

White, Michael (University of Gloucestershire): In at the deep end March 2010

Whyte, Sarah (Bournemouth University): Gordon Brown: moody monster or man for the moment? March 2010

Witham, Alex (Leeds Metropolitan University): Attention seeking hyperactivity disorder February 2011

Wood, Will: Positive profile for footballers: here's how to do it October 2010


















Zabava, Adi: Politics in Romania, twenty years on March 2010 





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