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Introductory texts

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Butterick, K (2011) Introducing Public Relations: Theory and Practice, Sage Amazon UK

Sound but static introductory text, containing a good essay on the limitations of viewing PR as reputation management


Cain, S (2009) Key Concepts in Public Relations, Palgrave Macmillan Amazon UK
No-nonsense alphabetical introduction to the main concepts and theories in the field, of use to students and practitioners.


Cutlip, S, Center, A and Broom, G (9th edition 2004) Effective Public Relations, Prentice Hall Amazon UK

Large textbook from the US, this is its international edition; a classic.


Davis, A (2nd ed 2007) Mastering Public Relations, Palgrave Macmillan Amazon UK

This is a slim summary of the subject. It's not an over-simple text, but one that takes a useful managerial perspective of public relations. It won't help you master public relations practice, but it's the best single volume overview of the subject in the UK literature.


Harrison, S (2nd ed 2000) Public Relations: an introduction, Thomson Amazon UK

Now in need of an updated edition, this book is favoured by many students who like its simple descriptions and numerous models and illustrations.


Heath, R and Coombs, W T (2006) Today's Public Relations: An Introduction, Sage Amazon UK

Comprehensive new textbook from two respected US academics


Kitchen, P (ed) (1997) Public Relations: Principles and Practice, Thomson Amazon UK

In need of a second edition, but still one of the most consulted textbooks on public relations in the UK; suitable for more advanced students.


Morris, T and Goldsworthy, S (2008) PR: A Persusive Industry?, Palgrave Macmillan Amazon UK

Simple - but not simplistic - introduction to the industry that weaves practitioner, critical and academic perspectives into a readable text.


Richardson, N and Laville, L (2010) Develop Your PR Skills Kogan Page Amazon UK

Designed as an introduction to PR for small business or charity managers, this is also a sound introductory text for first year students


Tench, R and Yeomans, L (2nd ed 2009) Exploring Public Relations, FT Prentice Hall Amazon UK

A comprehensive (600 page) textbook aimed at second-year PR students with contributed chapters covering most academic and practice aspects of the subject. 


Theaker, A (3rd ed 2008) The Public Relations Handbook, Routledge Amazon UK

Excellent introductory text for PR students with some contributed chapters.


Wilcox, D, Cameron, G, Ault, P and Agee, W (7th ed 2003) Public Relations: Strategy and Tactics, A & B Longman Amazon UK

Good, clear and comprehensive textbook from the US.


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