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New media

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Media studies



External Links


Aaron Uhrmacher: 35+ examples of corporate social media in action


BBC: Guidelines on use of social media


Bernoff, J: Social Technographics: conversationalists get onto the ladder, 19 January 2010


Brogan, CAudience or community?


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Cook, T and Hopkins, L: Social Media pdf format


Defren, T: Brink - a social media guide from the edge


The Economist: Survey of telecoms convergence


Edelman Digital: Search Engine Visibility


Edelman online behavior policies and procedures


Gaynor, D: Democracy in the Age of Information: A Reconception of the Public Sphere


GoogleSearch Engine Optimization Starter Guide


Goralnick, J: Getting started with social media - a guide and resource list


Jen Evans and Michael Procopio, From Talk to Action: A Proposed Framework To Measure Online and Social Tools For Audience and Community Engagement


Harris, W: The Rise of the Mobile Super User Edelman white paper


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Hoang, TSocial network analysis and PR


Horton, JPR and Social Media, Online Public Relations


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Brian Solis: Introducing the conversation prism


Brian Solis: The Art and Science of Blogger Relations


Simon Wakeman: Social media relations for local government part one, part two


Debbie Weil: BlogWrite for CEOs blog


Daryl Willcox: PR in the digital age, What's new in marketing, April 2008


Neil Williams: Template Twitter strategy for Government Departments


Melvin Yuan: A PR 2.0 Essential Readings List


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