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PUR 201

Page history last edited by Richard Bailey 15 years, 4 months ago

PUR 201: Public Relations Planning, Implementation and Evaluation


Week 3 lesson plan: Cultural publics


Week 4: Meningitis Trust presentations


Week 5 lesson plan: Global publics


Week 6: Reading week


Week 7 lesson plan: Strategy and tactics


Week 8 lesson plan: Ethical communications management


Week 9 lesson plan: Evaluation 1

     Lecture slides: Evaluation 1


Week 10 lesson plan: Evaluation 2

     Lecture slides: Evaluation 2 and exam briefing


Week 11 lesson plan: Project management

     Source: www.globalprojectmanagement.org


Week 12: Assessed GlobCom presentations


Practice exam questions:


1. Why is an understanding of culture useful in international public relations?


2. You have offered to write a PR proposal for a small charity. Which planning model would you recommend, and why?


3. How would you conduct a situational analysis for the same small charity? What tools would you use?


4. 'Awareness is easy - behaviour change is hard.' What does the situational theory of publics teach us about PR?


5. 'It's impossible to measure the outcome of a PR campaign.' Do you agree?


6. 'Public relations is just propaganda.' How can you defend PR against this charge - and argue that it's good for society?


Richard Bailey's drop-in session for exam revision and essay writing questions: Tuesday 21 April, 9-12

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