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Bologna 2010

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Public Relations and Public Affairs from a European Perspective

Bologna, June 7-18 2010



Syllabus (Word file)

May 8 slides (PowerPoint)

Toni Muzi Falconi's presentation on The Stockholm Accords

Bled Manifesto (2002)
Summary of the Bled Manifesto

European perspectives overview presentation

ICCO World Report 2010: Public Relations weathers the storm
The public relations industry: UK and global perspectives

Miriam Pelusi's presentation on Italy

Miriam Pelusi's analysis of Italy: Culture, Society, Politics and Media System (Word document)
Bruno Amaral's presentation on values for PR


Assessment information


Terminal assignment



Practitioner-focused assignment as in the course handbook.

Observation of consultancy discussion around options for European PR management (10 points)

Written business proposal for client (20 points)



3,000 word academic essay (30 points)

1. Perspectives on European public relations or public affairs

2. Arguments surrounding the development of a global curriculum for public relations / public affairs education

3. Individual essay topic (by agreement with the instructor)


Corporate-activist case study

Nestle: well-known brands

Nestle: strategy 'Health and wellness at the heart of our business' (here)

Economist analysis: The unrepentant chocolatier (subscribers only) (Word file)

Nestle: responsibility statement

Nestle boycott: Wikipedia

Baby Milk Action

Greenpeace claims success in palm oil campaign

Nestle statement on palm oil



You can download hi-res images here.


Group photo with Toni Muzi Falconi: one, two


Group photo at Edelman Milan

Conference photos at Edelman: one, two, three, four, five, six


Final morning in class: onetwo

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