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PR and new media 2010 6

Page history last edited by Richard Bailey 9 years, 11 months ago

PR and new media

MSc Corporate Communications module

October 2010-January 2011




One: Assignment

Two: Talking points

Three: Context

Four: Concepts

Five: Strategy and policy


Seven: Sources and reading



6. Issues


Issues for corporate communications


What's the role of PR in the Web 2.0 world?


- Is the traditional press release dead?

- Are the risks to corporate reputation less or greater today?

- Social media news release templateexample

Audience or community? (Chris Brogan)


Can we control information?


- Could we ever prevent leaks or factory-gate gossip?

- Is the scale of challenge greater given the porosity of online information?

- Is PR about 'command and control' or should it encourage conversations on issues?


What does Web 2.0 mean for newspapers?


- Advertising is migrating to the web (eg Craigslist)

- Google is now a media company, but with no journalists (eg Google News)

- Print is not enough: Guardian now has blogsaudio postspodcastsvideo: in a word mashups

- What does the decline in print journalism mean for PR?


Does blogger relations replace media relations?


- Yes, if blogs have reach and credibility with target audience

- Otherwise, new media complements - but doesn't replace - old media (think radio, TV, internet)

- Blogger relations complements media relations (as does eg analyst relations)

- See Tom Murphy's PR hype cycle

- State of the live web / blogosphere (April 2007)


Should we prevent employees from blogging and using social media?


Stop blocking campaign

- There should be guidelines on blogging where the company is named and blogs are part of its PR strategy:

- Yahoo! employee blog guidelines

IBM blogging policy and guidelines (pdf file)

- Edelman Managing employee bloggers (pdf file)


Should our blogging be transparent?


When blogs put brands at risk, Financial Times, 8 November 2006

Buzz off! this blogger's voice is not for sale Media Guardian, 20 November 2006

Anti-astroturfing campaign

Edelman, Wal-Mart flogging campaign

- WOMMA code of ethics


Should we police our Wikipedia entry?


- How clean is an 'open source' encyclopedia?

- Self-penned entry (eg Tim Mackintosh-Smith)

- What about protecting your reputation?

- Wikipedia's five pillars (including 'neutral point of view')


What are the risks?


Brand Science Institute: Why social media projects fail: a European perspective



Issues for PR academics


Do we need to build new theory?


'For public relations practice the unavoidable conclusion is that nothing will ever be the same again; the advent of an online world means almost every aspect of the discipline needs to be rethought.’ (Phillips and Young 2009)


Engaging the social side of James Grunig

New theory is emerging


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