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Writing workshop 30 November

Page history last edited by Richard Bailey 9 years, 9 months ago


Notes and links: 30 November 2010


Two models of public relations writing


Type  1. Event-driven  2. Ideas-driven 
Characteristic Hard  Soft 
Length Short  Medium to long 
Structure Inverted pyramid  Various - but can be circular 
Perspective Objective  Can be subjective 
Longevity Short shelf life  Longer shelf life 
Examples  Website news story, news release Feature article, typical blog post, opinion article


Is there a third model?


Adam Vincenzini: PR Content: A New Architecture?


Revisiting news release writing


Tim Dyson: Is your client world-leading? Phrases brands should avoid


Can you find these words and phrases in any of today's news releases?


Revisiting feature writing (blog post)

Why were some articles picked for publication? http://20yearson.wordpress.com/


Research for public relations writing


Writing starts with research: you need to check facts, develop ideas, formulate opinions.

Here's a useful newspaper article for your case study assignment. The Observer: This man's car is electrifying

You should be searching for others.


Try one of the two following exercises 


(Please note that I did not make this up - though I've no doubt someone else did!)


In preparation for the Christmas party season, low-cost high street fashion retailer Dressa is selling £20 Wonderbum dresses designed to flatter all shapes and sizes. The dresses are on sale nationwide now from £20 in sizes 8-20.


Research shows that 85% of women worry about the size of their bottoms. The traditional peach is no longer the norm and today’s women have one of four bottom shapes: Tomato, Potato, Pear and the Nectarine.


The Tomato

A new take on the peach with 45% of the women surveyed highlighting that this shape was most applicable to their behind. Bigger, plumper, rounder and squishy to the touch the tomato is fast becoming the norm in modern day society. This bottom shape sits great in a tight structured dress, it needs firming and rounding and the black lace dress is the perfect companion to lift this particular shape and make it look great.

The Potato

The second most common shape to have materialised across the nation is the potato with 30% of the women claiming. This wide and long bottom is a less fortunate shape; lumpy in parts it needs careful dressing and attention. A tulip shaped shift is perfect for hiding a multitude of sins and with its slimming effect this is the perfect dress shape to elongate a wide behind.

The Pear

The pear shaped figure has now evolved into the pear shaped bottom, narrower at the top and almost twice the size at the fullest part of the behind. It’s a tricky shape to buy for, but easy to solve with a distraction. A long maxi dress works wonders creating a longer silhouette detracting from the lower region and a halter neckline accentuating the shoulders balances out the bottom. 15% of women highlighted that this shape was most applicable to them.

The Nectarine

Close to the cartoonesque derrière perfection of two bowling balls pushed together it’s full and round and pert in appearance. A bottom that stands out well naturally, this bottom doesn’t need too much enhancement and looks great in a fantastic red dress. Unfortunately, this is a rare bottom and it’s not often seen strutting down the high street with only 10% claiming to own this perfect derrière.


Based on this brief, either write a short news release or write a short news piece suitable for Dressa's website.


Email your draft to rbailey@pobox.com by 9am on Wednesday 1 December to receive feedback.


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