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Tools and channels

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Recommended reading


  • Brown, R (2009) PR and the Social Web, Kogan Page
  • Phillips, D and Young, P (2009) Online Public Relations (2nd edition) Kogan Page
  • Technorati: State of the Blogosphere 2011 



Promise: Why should anyone join a group?

Tool: How will difficulties of coordination be overcome?

Bargain: What will be expected of you, and what can you expect?

Shirky 2008, pp 260-261

'After the complexity of figuring out the promise of a given group, the question of determining which tools to use seems as if it should be easy'.

Shirky 2008, p265



Print or online?

Internet or Web?

Static or mobile?

Apps or Web?

PC or smartphone?


Task: Identify an internet example for each of these categories

One to one:

One to many:

Many to one:

Many to many:



PR practitioner's toolkit


Essential  Useful 
Google search  Gorkana 
Company website  Google analytics 
Twitter (TweetDeck etc) Google alerts 
Community websites  



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