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Monitoring and measurement

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Recommended reading



Monitoring, measuring and evaluating social media outcomes


Some free tools:


Some paid-for tools: 


The Comms Corner: 10 Free Social Media Tools Every PR Pro Should Master part onepart two

Ben Cotton (for Darryl Wilcox Publishing): An Introduction to Social Media Monitoring (pdf)

Jen Evans, Michael Procopio: From talk to action

Katie Paine: How to measure blogs

Katie Paine: Measuring success


PR and SEO


Econsultancy: Link building for SEO beginners

Edelman: Search Engine Visibility (pdf)


The Business of influence


'Influence is different from popularity' Solis and Strong.


Manifestations of influence (Shedrake 2011 p28)

Short-term  Longer-term   
Relevance  Reputation   
Resonance  Trust    
Accessibility Significance   
Engagement  Authenticity   
Curiosity  Authority   


'Measurement and management are insperable' (Sheldrake 2011 p77)


Infuence scorecard

'An organisation's influence strategy describes how it expects to inlfuence and be influenced in ways that are wholly necessary and sufficient for the successful execution of the overarching strategy.' (Sheldrake 2011 pp112-113)


AMEC's valid metrics framework (slide 11 onwards)


Measure What Matters


"The future of public relations lies in the development of relationships, and the future of measurement lies in the accurate analysis of those relationships. Counting impressions will become increasingly irrelevant while measuring relationships and reputation will become ever more important" (Paine 2007 p219).


'The notion that a PR person is someone who has to deal only with the press is just .. antiquated. A good PR person is focused on his or her relationships - be they local media, national bloggers, employees, or community organizers' (Paine 2011 pxviii).


'the value of advertising is declining, and the value of friendships, contacts, and engagement is on the rise... The rise of social media makes the cultivation of relationships more important than ever' (Paine 2011 p73).


'We must change from pitching to listening, and from measuring eyeballs to measuring engagement' (Paine 2011 p74).


'In the good old days, influencers were recognized leaders in business, media, Wall Street, or academia. Today, an influencer can be anyone who knows something about your product, your market, or your business. It can be someone with 10,000 followers on Twitter or 500 friends on Facebook... It used to be that a good communications program functioned like a food chain. You would educate key spokespeople and influencers on your message, and, assuming it was a credible message, it flowed down through the chain of media and ultimately reached your publics through a variety of credible sources. This top-down process of message control seemed reasonable, but was probably only a convenient illusion. Social media has proved it wrong and officially signed its death certificate' (Paine 2011 p123).


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